Dry Rot Repair

In most cases we can remove the dry rot and repair the affected wood structure, keeping costs as affordable as possible. No matter your situation we will thoroughly plan and execute your project with success!

What is Dry Rot?

Dry rot also called brown rot is a wood destroying fungus. This develops when excess moisture builds up on wood and the decay weakens the wooden structures inside or outside of your home. If the humidity conditions are right dry rot can spread rapidly. Left untreated, it could compromise the structural integrity of the home. 

Do you have these Common Signs Of Dry Rot?

Cracked/Peeling Paint

Check around windows, trim, doors & siding for any surfaces that feel damp or have cracks which can allow water to work its way into the wooden material, resulting in rot.

Screwdriver Test

Examine siding around & beneath the windows for signs of swelling or discoloration. The wood should be firm and hard. If the screwdriver sinks into the wood, you’ve got a wood rot problem.

Bouncy Floors

If the floors feel "bouncy" this a can be a sign of rotten or damages joists. Also, be sure to check for sunken, sagging floors or shrunken wood.

Mushroom like Growth

Examine the affected wood for flat skin-like growth which may resemble the outside of a mushroom with shades of silver and gray. This is a wood rot fungus.

Have Questions? Talk to One of Our Pros about Dry Rot Repair!